´k:amos photo by Erik Bogaerts


Recorded by Werner Pensaert Mixed by Werner Pensaert Mastered by Uwe Teichert
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Aino Peltomaa: Vocals / Lyrics, Nathan Wouters: Double Bass / Electronics / Compositions
  • Maahan
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  • country:Belgium
  • region:Scandinavia
  • style(s):Experimental
  • label:Aspen edities
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic, string
  • artist posted by:Peltomaa, Aino

Line up

  • Aino Peltomaa (FI) (voice)
  • Nathan Wouters (BE) (double bass, electronics)



Kaamos ; [ˈkɑːmos] / (The period of darkness in Finland when the sun does not rise over the horizon).

An international collaboration of Aino Peltomaa/FIN (voice) and Nathan Wouters/BE (double bass/electronics), exploring light and darkness and the endless possibilities of their instruments. From delicate, fragile acoustic textures up to overwhelming spectral soundscapes.

Aino’s lyrics inspired by Finnish mythology combined with Nathan’s compositions create a unique journey in and beyond the perception of time. Combining written material interlinked with improvisation the duo creates a unique pallet of colours to tickle their audience’s ears. The duo published their debut album for the Belgian lagel Aspen edities in 2019.

Nathan Wouters, Belgium

Aino Peltomaa, Finland