Phase Duo
Phase Duo by Cristina Crippi
  • country:Italy
  • label:Chant Records
  • type:Duo
  • artist posted by:Phase Duo

Line up

  • Eloisa Manera (violin)
  • Stefano Greco (monochord, sampler and effects)


Phase Duo melts different worlds: analogue and digital, tangible and spiritual, classical and electronic music. Eloisa Manera plays a 5-string electric violin and effects; Stefano Greco is a monochord player and uses samplers and synths live. Their music has a cinematic flavour and a space imaginary with a strong sound impact and a creative improvisational approach. The repertoire combines original music from the first album and the second, Generative Glimpse, released on the 1 April 2022 by Chant Records.

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Phase Duo