A heavy drop into a to wild fire

Can classical music help against Amazon rainforest annihilation?



Session 20

Chaired by Leonardo Martinelli (Brazil), professor, Faculdade Santa Marcelina

Last August, the world witnessed the beginning of an unprecedented amount of fire in the Amazon rainforest, mostly on the Brazilian territory, where new governmental politics encouraged what activists and the scientific community call "ecocide". As artists, musicians can amplify its causes. As a sector, classical music, musicians and organisations can help to reinforce the urgency of that issue by publicising the cause through its concerts, operas and daily base activities.

This conference aims to connect actors from the sector (both artists and business people) who wants to engage in practical terms by debating repertoire options (pre-existing and commissions for new works) from musicians, music groups and organisations from any part of the word, regarding short-terms projects (2020-21 season) and medium-term projects (from 2021 onwards).