Aux Armes Compositrices

A focus on French emerging female composers

Eglantine de Boissieu. Photo by Livia Saavedra
Elise Bertrand. Photo by Marco Borggreve
Clara Olivares. Photo by Jean-Baptiste Pellerin
Gwen Rouger. Photo by Isabelle Planche
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Presented by Eglantine de Boissieu (France), head of professional development and services, Maison de la Musique Contemporaine

with Elise Bertrand (France), composer;
Clara Olivares (France), composer;
Gwen Rouger (France), musician, performer, concert curator, artistic director & composer, soundinitiative

An opportunity to discover the new generation of French emerging female composers, who already achieved recognition in France, but whose music is not so well known abroad.

Versatile and talented, as comfortable with computer music design as with a symphonic orchestra or a string quartet, they don’t belong to any aesthetic chapel. They are sensitive to the trends that are currently going through musical creation in Europe – including the growing influence of performance and multidisciplinarity – but they have developed their own language, mixing the French heritage with these international influences.

Funded by Centre national de la musique, Institut français and Business France.