China's Ins and Outs

Directions and Challenges Today and Tomorrow


Session 2

Chaired by Wray Armstrong (Canada/China & UK), founder & chairman, Armstrong International Music and Arts Ltd;

with Shuang Zou (China), artistic director, Beijing Music Festival;

Cherry Chan (China), vice president, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra

Wray Armstrong invites Shuang Zou and Cherry Chan to debate how China's artistic progress both in importing and exporting classical music has matched the country's broader political, social and economic changes.

The Beijing Music Festival, now in its 22nd year, presents orchestras and cutting-edge opera productions from around the world. The Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra has toured five continents, instituted its annual Youth Music Culture Guangdong (with Yo-Yo Ma as co-artistic director and the orchestra's music director Long Yu) in 2017 and manages a performance season of its own youth orchestra, accepting students as young as 6 into its foundation program.

This session aims to provide a context of the changing Chinese market for the global music professional.