Choir Meet Up

The benefits of singing

Sonja Greiner. Photo by Christ Marchal
Nina Ruckhaber. Photo by Lisa Gramlich
Ian Smith. Photo by EMC


Coordinated by Sonja Greiner (Germany), secretary general, European Choral Association
and Nina Ruckhaber (Germany), music management

with Ian Smith (UK/Ireland), former president, European Music Council and board member, Chamber Choir Ireland;
Stephan Doormann (Germany), artistic director, - who will not be attending

Are you connected to collective singing (as a singer in a choir or ensemble, as a conductor, as a manager). Or are you a solo singer? Or are you interested in cooperating with people from the collective singing sector?

We will provide you with some short inputs on different topics, give you time and space to ask questions and present your own points of interest, and maybe even improvise a bit joining our voices.

Ian Smith will talk about moving from the orchestra world to the choral world, discussing similarities and differences and innovative and creative ways of working together, from the perspective of a professional choir. Nina Ruckhaber will share ideas for solo singers meeting the choral world, giving examples of collaborative projects with vocal bands and other creative media projects. Stephan Doormann will give an insight into how the choral world is emerging out of the pandemic and which programmes are in place in Germany to support the sector in this process. And last but not least, Sonja Greiner will talk about the benefits of colective singing, present the #BenefitsOfSinging campaign and the research it is based on, and discuss how the UN sustainable development goals can be relevant for the sector.