Classical Music for Young Audiences

A chance to reinvent the classical concert format?

Caecilia Thunnissen photo by Eva Plevier
Pascal Sticklies photo by Sébastien Grebille
Maria Hansen photo by ELIA
  • event type:Classical:NEXT 18 Conference
  • date:18 May 2018
  • time:11:00 - 12:00 CEST
  • city/area:Rotterdam
  • venue:Conference Room 3 (fourth floor), de Doelen
  • country:Netherlands
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Chaired by Caecilia Thunnissen (The Netherlands), artistic director, Oorkaan

With Pascal Sticklies (Germany/Luxemburg), senior manager, Philharmonie Luxembourg
Maria Hansen (Germany/The Netherlands), ELIA executive director, ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts

Since 2000, the Dutch organization Oorkaan creates high quality staged concerts for young audiences, performed by outstanding musicians. These staged concerts are presented in concert halls, theatres and festivals all over the world. For the creation of the productions, Oorkaan trains talented musicians in their performance and physical acting skills according to the Oorkaan Method.

Together with Pascal Sticklies (Philharmonie Luxembourg) and the audience, Caecilia Thunnissen will address the following questions: Which is the best way to make live performed classical music accessible for young audiences? What kind of core values should we embrace while creating? What kind of skills are requested from the musicians and how can we train them in these skills? And is this also applicable to concert formats for adults and even a chance for innovation in the classical concert practice as a whole?