Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko


Constrantinople by Federico Cavicchioli
Constrantinople by Federico Cavicchioli
Constrantinople by Federico Cavicchioli


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Director Kiya Tabassian

A poetic encounter between the strings of the setar and kora and the voices of two master musicians, Tabassian and Cissoko, from the epics of the Mandingo Kingdom to the music of the Persian court.
Everywhere, from time immemorial, the word has been embodied by the bard, the troubadour and the griot. These wordsmiths, at once messengers and peacemakers, are the links with the forces of nature, the inexpressible divine and the memory of the ancients.
Nowadays, these freethinkers and travellers are making the world their garden. Kiya Tabassian, ambassador of Persian setar, and Ablaye Cissoko, griot from Saint-Louis, Senegal, are both eternally migrating birds.
This dialogue between the kora and the setar seems to come from the depths of the earth. This natural symbiosis gives the musicians wings to fly towards distant horizons; their music has been heard over 200 times at various festivals and concert halls all around the world.

RÊVERIES - Kiya Tabassian
MARYAMA - Ablaye Cissoko / Kiya Tabassian; poème de Hafez (1325-1390)
ESTUAIRE - Kiya Tabassian / Ablaye Cissoko
VERS ISFAHAN - Kiya Tabassian / Ablaye Cissoko
KAILEN - Ablaye Cissoko / Kiya Tabassian
AHOUYE VAHSHI - Kiya Tabassian ; poème de Hafez
SOUTOURO, Ablaye Cissoko

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