Crisis as an Accelerator for Cultural Processes

The necessity of a flexible mindset in large music organisations

Kristjan Hallik. Photo by Mait Jüriado
Karsten Witt
Kristjan Hallik. Photo by Mait Jüriado. And Karsten Witt


Session 18

Chaired by Kristjan Hallik (Estonia), general manager & member of the board, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra - who will not be attending

with Jaanika Lillemaa (Estonia), former Production Manager of Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and head of international projects, Music Estonia;
Kristjan Nõlvak (Estonia), violinist of Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and founder & ceo, Scoremusic;
Karsten Witt (Germany), md, Karsten Witt Musik Management;

The Covid crisis has accelerated all kinds of cultural processes within the music sector. Ideas that have been on the table for years have suddenly been put into action in fastest possible ways. From live broadcasting of symphony orchestra concerts to finding more flexible ways to work with large collectives, from working with smaller ensembles within orchestras to making contracts more ‘workable’ for both sides when there are many possible scenarios. It is evident that these processes have also changed and accelerated the trends in both cultural policymaking as well as consumer behaviours among our audience members. These changes are not moving in the same directions in different countries: not all of us will come out of this experience stronger than before.

What should we take with us into the future from these lessons?