What does it take to be a composer in the 21st Century?

Evonne Ferguson photo by Frances Marshall
John Farah by Leonie Hochrein
Matthew Whiteside photo by Julie Howden
  • event type:Classical:NEXT 18 Conference
  • date:19 May 2018
  • time:10:15 - 11:15 CEST
  • city/area:Rotterdam
  • venue:Conference Room 2 (fourth floor), de Doelen
  • country:Netherlands
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Chaired by Evonne Ferguson (Ireland), director,
Contemporary Music Centre

With John Kameel Farah (Canada/Germany), composer-pianist
Matthew Whiteside (UK), composer and concert producer
Vanessa Lann (US/The Netherlands), composer/educator

Join this conversation across generations and across continents to hear about the challenges and opportunities for composers at different stages in their career. How much has really changed in the past 20 years? What’s next? And can we learn from Classical:NEXTfellows’ future plans and questions?

This panel is presented by PRS Foundation in association with Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.