Culture and Business: How to Speak the Same Language?

Collaboration with business for sustainable future of classical music

Jakub Fiebig photo by Konrad Cwik
Adam Lejman photo by Darek Majewski
  • event type:Classical:NEXT 18 Conference
  • date:18 May 2018
  • time:10:45 - 11:45 CEST
  • city/area:Rotterdam
  • venue:Conference Room 2 (fourth floor), de Doelen
  • country:Netherlands
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Chaired by Jakub Fiebig (Poland), managing director, Julian Cochran Foundation

With Adam Lejman (Poland), ceo, Altkom Software & Consulting

Business and classical music have very much to offer, and these are entirely different, complementary assets. The two worlds, however, speak different languages. How to create bridges between them?

The aim of the workshop is to analyses different strategies of establishing longstanding business collaborations resulting in new initiatives created together. Such partnerships can bring benefits way more substantial than exchanging logotypes of brands - and these are strategies that could work generally in the world of classical music.

By addressing this issue, we want to pinpoint aspects of collaboration vital from the business’ perspective. This angle will be highlighted by the session’s guest - Adam Lejman, CEO Altkom Software & Consulting, a major Polish IT company which developed the ONSTAGE mobile app.

Have you ever struggled with creating such a partnership? This session is for you! Part of it will be dedicated to analysing cases raised by audience.