DIY Meet Up / Welcome to the New World

How the DIY sector can shape the future of classical music

Naomi Belshaw. Photo by Tony Briggs
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Coordinated by Naomi Belshaw (Guyana/UK), composer, artist consultant & manager, Naomi Belshaw Consultancy

Two years have passed since the arts world became unprecedentedly affected by a world pandemic. The scale of disruption is not something we have seen in our lifetime and it has affected every corner of the arts from huge institutions to individual freelance artists and composers. Putting aside the difficult time we have all been through, one thing is clear: the arts world was in need of a shake up to remain relevant for the future and this is now the perfect moment to look at what we could change.

Why is this so important to the DIY arts sector? Now more than ever it will be those with entrepreneurial ideas, able to move quickly and nimbly who can action change as large organisations struggle to be as dynamic. In our DIY sector meet up we will view case studies from people already making strides through the pandemic and discuss as a community how we can contribute to a more diverse relevant future.