Ensemble for New Music Tallinn


Ensemble for new music Tallinn by Rene Jakobson
Ensemble for new music Tallinn by ORF Musikprotokoll
Ensemble for new music Tallinn by Helena Tuuling


Showcase C:N 2022
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Scrapyard is a performance series of lo-fi music shows. Since the early days of the ensemble’s existence, they have been committed to avoiding stereotypical paths of contemporary and classical music. They believe that the general public is losing touch with contemporary and classical music but that this distance can be overcome.

Contemporary music should not be boring or irritating; it can be profound and serious, yet still fun and enjoyable – an event rather than a concert. During the events produced by the ensemble, many different aspects of performance art, technology and media are employed to create a truly ‘interdisciplinary’ experience.

Scrapyard presents works that imply movement. Movement is used here not only as a manifestation of a concept or idea, but also as means to manipulate the sound world of the pieces. The overall aim is to create a show consisting of works that use non-standard means of making music.

Motion Harmony #6 (by Jeff Brown)
Variable Axial Flux (by Hugo Morales Murguia)
Instruction Manual of How to Learn Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb in 5 minutes (by Arash Yazdani)

The concert involves the use of professional sheet music reading software Scoremusic created in Estonia.