Epic Fail

Horrible bosses

Aubrey Bergauer. Photo by The Morrisons


Session 13

Chaired by Aubrey Bergauer (USA), ceo, Changing the Narrative

The top reason employees leave their jobs is not the company, the lack of compensation, or getting a better opportunity elsewhere. Employees leave more than any other reason because of one thing: their horrible boss (source: literally too many sources). Why are so many managers so bad at managing? How do so many supervisors make our work lives full of dread and misery?

Come to this session to hear some truly horrible stories; stay for the booze to soothe the pain. And leave with research-based best practices on how to manage people better, create workplaces of belonging and safety and celebrate a zero tolerance of horrible bosses.

Please definitely: bring your horrible boss survivor stories (optional)
Please definitely do not: Record this session (not optional)
Please definitely be ready to: drink the free booze provided (optional) and not be a horrible boss (not optional)