Export Initiatives Meet Up

Supporting the relaunch of international music export and touring

Ave Tölpt. Photo by Karoliina Kreintaal


Coordinated by Ave Tölpt (Estonia), director, Music Estonia

It feels like for two years the world has been in a time-looping void where one cannot really plan anything ahead. And to top it, something even more horrific is happening in the middle of Europe. Are we ready to export music again with a new need for flexibility?

During the meet-up, we will highlight and discuss new innovative initiatives in music export and map the networks who are already here to support us.

Classical music sector has been customed to planning everything at least 2-3 years ahead, especially the international cooperation projects and touring, not to even mention the local concert seasons. COVID-19 will most probably turn into a seasonal virus but will still affect the “new normal” of the music industry. The ongoing war has also given new challenges to face as a music community. There is a need for innovation in how one manages these international cooperation projects and a restart in one’s mindset. More than ever, it is important to feel a sense of community and a support of different networks who can help with these issues. Do we need to rebuild these networks and refocus their goals?