Fair Access: who are we leaving behind

How can we offer inclusive talent development for artists?

Hannah Bujic. Photo by Alex Gowan-Webster
Deborah Keyser. Photo by Daryl Feehely
Supriya Nagarajan. Photo by Brian Rollinson
Hannah Bujic by Alex Gowan-Webster; Supriya Nagarajan by Brian Rollinson; Deborah Keyser by Daryl Feehely


Session 4

Chaired by Hannah Bujic (UK), co-head of artist development, Sound and Music

with Deborah Keyser (UK), director, Tŷ Cerdd – Music Centre Wales;
Supriya Nagarajan (India/UK), vocalist & composer, Manasamitra

Traditional approaches to talent development within the music industry have relied on an assumption of equity; that it is the best applicant who receives a potentially career-changing opportunity through an open call.

However, there is still a fundamental problem with representation. We are in danger of leaving behind artists whose voices we need to hear: who represent the audiences we seek to reach, and who can act as role models for future generations of artists. Unless we act together as a global industry to remove barriers to accessing talent development opportunities, the current slow pace of change will leave sections of the population behind.

In the UK, the Fair Access Principles network is driving a movement for change. In this world café session, the network extends an invitation for the first time to international colleagues to share challenges and learning.