Flex Ensemble + Yoann Trellu


Flex Ensemble by Zuzanna Specjal
Flex Ensemble by Tim Klöcker
Circular Music by Dominik Lack
Yoann Trellu


Showcase C:N 2022
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In Circular Music, the Flex Ensemble joins forces with video artist Yoann Trellu to present a programme that unites new music, space and video projections. The programme is framed by Jürg Frey’s ‘Circular Music’ and features works by Gordon Williamson and Gérard Pesson commissioned by the Flex Ensemble. Trellu uses generative mapping techniques that react in real time to the musicians; these images are then projected onto the musicians and the room, emphasising the architecture of the space. This programme is a dynamic interaction between music and visual arts that offers a fresh perspective on piano quartet works from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Jürg Frey (*1953) Extended circular music no. 1 (2014)
Gordon Williamson (*1974) Chanson Ruée (2017)
Gérard Pesson (*1958) Rentrez soupirs nach Marc-Antoine Charpentier (2017)
Gérard Pesson (*1958) Mes béatitudes (1994/1995)
Jürg Frey (*1953) Extended circular music no. 3 (2014)