Gato Preto


Photo Credit: Alexander Wurm
  • artist:Gato Preto
  • event type:WOMEX 17 Showcase
  • date:27 Oct 2017
  • time:00:00 - 00:45
  • city/area:Katowice
  • venue:Twin Stage A, Spodek, tunnel via ICC west entrance
  • country:Poland
  • event submitted by:Piranha Arts


Extra-terrestrial time-travellers Gato Preto have arrived to bring the urgent message that the world needs to unite in search of a better groove. Mixing Angolan kuduro with Brazilian favela funk, Mozambican chants with Afro-house, they provide food for booty and mind, deconstructing stereotypes with their post-apocalyptic sci-fi visuals and dismantling borders with conscious messages and massive amounts of bass. Gato Preto are Mozambican/ Portuguese femcee Gata Misteriosa and Ghanaian/ German producer Lee Bass. They’re in the vanguard of the international Afro-futurist scene, carrying the cosmic torch of Sun Ra and Funkadelic and collaborating globally with contemporary audio astronauts such as Edu K and MC Zulu. Earth visitations so far include sightings at forward-looking festivals such as African Futures in Johannesbourg, Nyege Nyege in Uganda and Blacks to the Future in Paris. Closer encounters coming soon.

Gata Misteriosa - vocals, percussion
Lee Bass - keyboard, synthesizer
Moussa Daillo - percussion
Helene Sagna - dancer
tbc - dancer