Higher Music Education Pre-Conference

Intersections and Opportunities

John Kieser by Gregory Reed


Classical music is hungry for new opportunities, audiences and patrons. Needed are excellent artist-musicians who can create and curate in a way to attract and engage with different segments of the public. Higher education (HE) has an interest in seeing their graduates gainfully employed and fulfilled as creative artists and/or curators. It makes sense that employers (who themselves are curators) and HE work together to achieve these and other goals. This year’s pre-conference will explore intersections and opportunities within the classical music ecosphere via panels and facilitated discussions with all who attend.

• What are the skills and mindsets needed by industry from HE training to attract and engage with new audiences and how does industry provide opportunities for artistic expression, community and audience engagement, and life-long learning for graduates?

• How is sustainability achieved through challenging the status quo, curiosity, courage, and entrepreneurialism and; how are these instilled, nurtured and carried forward into professional life?

• How might we define artistic excellence and quality given the needs of the present, and how do we re-imagine and evolve what we consider success?