Independent Ensembles and Orchestras Meet Up

Independence in Europe

Lena Krause. Photo by Julia Bornkessel
Louis Presset. Photo by Marie Hédin
FEVIS & FREO logos


Coordinated by Lena Krause (Germany), general manager, FREO - Freie Ensembles und Orchester in Deutschland e.V.

and Louis Presset (France), executive director, FEVIS - Federation of Independent Ensembles

For decades, independent ensembles and orchestras have been shaping musical life with new artistic approaches as well as innovative and individual organisational structures. Organisations such as FEVIS in France or FREO in Germany have set out to bring all those individual organisations in their countries together. But we are sure: independent ensembles and orchestras exist in even more countries, in different sises and genres and from different generations. We would like to use the opportunity of this international conference to bring independent ensembles and orchestras from different countries together: to get to know each other better, to share our knowledge and to tackle the challenges in our working field together. With the goal to start building a strong network across national borders. Because it is about time that we put our voices together.