Kai Schumacher


Kai Schumacher by Marvin Böhm
Kai Schumacher by Marvin Böhm
Kai Schumacher by Marvin Böhm


Showcase C:N 2022
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Kai Schumacher delights in pushing the boundaries between classical and popular music while avoiding the well-worn cliché trap of ‘crossover’. Boasting an impressive pedigree, he has been constantly experimenting and combining seemingly incompatible elements with surprising results. His performances are acts of pure musical – and stylistic – alchemy, serving up mixes of Dadaism and dancefloor, avantgarde and pop culture – sometimes all at once! On his current album Rausch, the focus is consistently on his own compositions. Schumacher avoids overdubs and using electronics. Instead, he prepares his instrument analogue and plays with the ‘weird’ tones of the piano – a game with acoustic perception. Titles such as ‘Eskalator’ and ‘BRNFCK’ are more likely to be heard in techno settings. Do they refer to excesses? Are we to be transported into a state of sensual exuberance? Kai Schumacher makes his material dance and lets it float above us.

BRNFCK (Kai Schumacher)
Eskalator (Kai Schumacher)
ACABb (Kai Schumacher)
A New Error (Gernot Bronsert / Sascha Ring / Sebastian Szary // Arr.: Kai Schumacher)
Rausch (Kai Schumacher)