Kayhan Kalhor & Rembrandt Trio


Photo: Gabriel Rojas


Persian kamancheh master Kayhan Kalhor and the three Dutch jazz musicians of the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio met in 2013 at the November Music Festival. The musicians formed a deep friendship that led to a unique collaboration, It’s Still Autumn. The album has been lauded for its ability to merge two different cultures to form a surprising harmony and an undefinable new sound. Kayhan Kalhor has been instrumental in popularizing Persian music in the West. Pianist/composer Rembrandt Frerichs, bass player Tony Overwater and drummer Vinsent Planjer’s trio is known for the remarkable use of fortepiano, bass viol, and the self-invented “Whisper Kit” which brings together percussion instruments from various cultures and periods to create a rich rhythmic basis. Together with the kamancheh they have created an unparalleled sound that transcends boundaries and has sold out festivals and concert halls from Iran to the Netherlands to the Barbican in London.