Latin American Meet Up

A concerned discussion of the future of classical music in Latin America

René Solís
Pierina Lavanca by Leonel Schmidt
Pablo Macalupú
Alejandra Martí Olbrich
Leonardo Martinelli by Fernando Binder
Mauricio Peña
Monique Rasetti
Jorge Volpi

Coordinated by René Solís (Mexico), ceo, Musica en México
with Pierina Lavanca (Uruguay), general manager, Orquesta Sinfónica del Sodre;
Maximiliano Luna (Argentina), musician, journalist, professor, MusicaClasicaBA;
Pablo Macalupú (Peru), founder and editor, Camello Parlante;
Alejandra Martí Olbrich (Chile), director, Ópera Latinoamérica
Leonardo Martinelli (Brazil), composer, academic;
Mauricio Peña (Colombia), director, Luis Ángel Arango Recital Hall;
Monique Rasetti (Mexico), director, Festival Divertimento; professor of music, UNAM;
Javier Súnico (Peru), artistic director, Ministry of Culture;
Juan Ayala (Mexico), programming director, Cultural Events - National University of México

As elsewhere, life in Latin America is living under the impact and consequences of COVID-19. Cultural activities, including the classical music sector, have been critically affected by lockdowns and dramatically reduced public and private funds.

How can the sector survive? What are some of the creative ideas that can help maintain audience interest and musicians’ survival? What is the future perspective of public and private funds for music education, performance, promotion? What measures are required to secure a brighter future in the short and medium term?
An enthusiastic attempt will be made to arrive at some serious answers to these questions.