Learning From Netflix to #RestartLive

Using technology to bring people back to opera, dance, theatre and concerts


Presented by Hannes Tronsberg (Germany), founder & ceo, future demand

After a long, forced break with long standing habits, audiences need to get back into the habit of going to live events. In addition to increased competition for their time (think restaurants, meeting friends and family, holidays, gaming, and streaming) this makes it more challenging than ever for promoters to bring reach their audiences.

We look at how Netflix understands and models users’ interest and how personalised concert recommendations can increase sales for all kind of concerts or performances, regardless of how niche or mainstream they are.

Leveraging this technology enables promoters to know which audiences need to hear what message via which channel at what time and automates online marketing campaigns to save 90% of marketeers time, increasing sales by double digits at the same time.