Mix It Up! Designing the Concert Format Afresh

Sharing successful experiments from Germany and the UK

Meurig Bowen. Photo by Eoin Schmidt-Martin
Joosten Ellée. Photo by Sophia Hegewald
Lorina Strange. Photo by Catriona Fadke
Meurig Bowen. Photo by Eoin Schmidt-Martin. Joosten Ellée. Photo by Sophia Hegewald. And Lorina Strange. Photo by Catriona Fadke


Session 9

Chaired by Meurig Bowen (UK), ceo & artistic director, Britten Sinfonia

with Joosten Ellée (Germany), artistic director, PODIUM Esslingen;
Lorina Strange (Germany), managing director, STEGREIF The Improvising Symphony Orchestra

How can the classical concert shed some of its habitual formality without losing its integrity too? Can the production values and spirit of pop/rock concerts infuse the classical experience without compromising or fundamentally changing the listening experience? How can fresh, imaginative thinking lure those in with little or no previous relationship to classical music? This session will be a chance to hear about three recent and successful approaches to presenting classical music in different formats and in non-traditional venues: Meurig Bowen’s multi-stage Mixtape & Playlist concerts in the UK; Joosten Ellee's rethinking of the chamber music experience at PODIUM Esslingen; and Lorina Strange's genre-expanding room-spanning projects with STEGREIF The Improvising Symphony Orchestra. What have been the programming, logistical and marketing challenges? How can these experiments be adapted and developed elsewhere, for your local needs?