Morphosis Duo


Morphosis Duo by Lydia Beltri
Morphosis Duo by Lydia Beltri
Morphosis Duo by Lydia Beltri


Showcase C:N 2022
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An old tweet on the Hartford Women Composers Fest (Connecticut, USA) account, made us think about how gender differences still exist in our society and how programming music by women composers should be the norm.

While a past in which the role of women in music – especially in the field of composition – has been so marginal cannot be changed, we have a responsibility to eradicate any type of discrimination, including gender, and lay the foundations for new generations of artists.

This Is Not a Fad! also seeks to reflect upon the question of gender in music. Are there features that demonstrate that a work has been composed by a man or a woman? Except for voice, is gender difference appreciated when a piece is performed by a woman or a man? Do female audiences listen in the same way as male audiences?

DREAMLOVER (2017), Albena Petrovic
baritone saxophone solo
PIERRES CANTABILES (2006), Christine Groult
AGRION HASTÉ (2019), Manon Lepauvre
baritone saxophone and live electronics
SPLEEN III (2000), Olga Neuwirth
baritone saxophone solo
WESPEN VESPER (2007), Hanna Hartman
A CHILLIDA: Forges 3, 4, 5 (1997), Mercè Capdevila
baritone saxophone modulated live and electronic

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