Multimedia Music Steps Out – Is It Coming Home?

Technology, art and bringing multimedia outside the concert hall

Gene Gaudette. Photo by Urlicht Rights Management
Kseniya Kawko. Photo by Sergey Mihalenko
Mathis Nitschke. Photo by Astrid Ackerman


Session 7

Chaired by Gene Gaudette (USA), producer, Urlicht AudioVisual

with Kseniya Kawko (Belarus/Germany), recording produce, msm-studios;
Mathis Nitschke (Germany), composer, experience designer & theatre maker, Sofilab;
David Bowles (USA), owner, Swineshead Productions - who will not be attending;

The presentation begins with ‘how we got here’ – a brief segment outlining 120 years of technological breakthroughs and obstacles.

Several artists (including Miranda Cuckson) will share their changing experience with planning and presenting multimedia events over the last two decades.

Event presenters, talent managers and venue techies will discuss the current state of planning and mounting multimedia performances, equipping of venues and readiness for not only recording but also streaming content.

Is it at last feasible for artists, venues and independent labels to stream something close to the ‘live’ experience? The final portion will examine the present state of streaming outlets, the state of home and portable tech and the issues that remains to be resolved in order that independent artists' multimedia creations can be conveyed to a wider audience.