Music After Midnight

Dos and don’ts for classical music in alternative venues

Etienne Abelin
Felix Mesenburg
Gabriel Prokofiev
George Kentros
Brendan Walsh
  • event type:Classical:NEXT 15 conference
  • date:22 May 2015
  • time:16:00 - 16:45
  • city/area:Rotterdam
  • venue:de Doelen - Conference Room 1
  • country:Netherlands
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Chaired by:

Etienne Abelin (Switzerland)
Musician, conductor, founder of classYcal, Ynight and Apples & Olives Indie Classical Festival


George Kentros (Sweden)
Violinist, SEKT

Felix Mesenburg (Germany)
Product manager, Deutsche Grammophon GmbH

Gabriel Prokofiev (UK)
Artistic director, Nonclassical,

Brendan Walsh (UK/The Netherlands)
Classical Music Rave

Everybody is talking about alternative venues for classical music these days. This is not merely a fad but a cultural shift grounded by considered reasoning: that new generations tend to create meaningful experiences with art through entirely different approaches.

This panel will look into the core elements behind this shift, outline why programming in alternative venues is an excellent way to facilitate this movement as well as explore the dos and don’ts, with a special focus on club settings.

Leading European classical-in-club experts representing the Yellow Lounge, the Nonclassical club-nights, SEKT, Classical Music Rave and the Ynight will share insights into their approaches, successes and discuss the challenges as well as engage in an extended Q&A.

Send your questions ahead of time!


Etienne Abelin:
Etienne Abelin is a violinist, conductor and founder of classYcal, a start-up dedicated to innovations in classical music, including the Ynight club nights and the Apples & Olives Indie Classical Festival in Zurich. He is co-founder of the Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra and a member of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra.

George Kentros:
An experimental violinist, George Kentros studied at Yale University and the Mannes School of Music in the US as well as in Stockholm. He has since performed as a chamber musician, soloist, and sometime actor across five continents. Since 1999, George has headed Club Sekt and Sekt Records, putting his theories on avant-garde art into practice.

Felix Mesenburg:
Felix Mesenburg holds a master’s degree in business from TU Berlin. He started his music business career as an independent before working for Sony Music India. In 2007 he joined Deutsche Grammophon and Universal Music Germany. Felix is label manager for ECM Records in Germany and event manager for Yellow Lounge Berlin.

Gabriel Prokofiev:
Gabriel Prokofiev is a London-based composer, DJ and founder of NONCLASSICAL record label & club-night. His compositions are performed at a range of venues, from Tchaikovsky Hall to East London night-clubs. Through his organisation Nonclassical Gabriel has challenged the conventional ways in which classical music is presented.

Brendan Walsh:
Classical music mutineer Brendan Jan Walsh has no job, but lots of work. As a cellist, conductor, DJ, lecturer, presenter, producer and strategic consultant he connects arts to business and consumers with his firm BRENDING and organises the CLASSICAL MUSIC RAVE: a party where guests dance all night to indeed, classical music.

(Photos: Etienne Abelin by Christian Clavadetscher, Gabriel Prokofiev by Hanna Lucy Jones, George Kentros by Björn Abelin, Brendan Walsh by Liny Mutsaers)