Natalia Merlano Gómez


Natalia Merlano Gómez by Juan Merlano
Natalia Merlano Gómez by Natalia Merlano Gómez
Natalia Merlano Gómez by Juan Merlano


Showcase C:N 2022
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Resonancias Entrelazadas showcases four works by women composers in contemporary and experimental music. ‘Pavana lanzada a la brisa’ by Diana Ortiz explores identity and focuses on investigating solo voice possibilities, including electronics made entirely from the recorded voice. In ‘I give you back’ by Anne Lockwood, the central theme is healing the scars inherited from our ancestors and past events, such as war. ‘6402’ by Paula Sofía Contreras is a tribute to the 6402 extrajudicial executions, known as ‘false positives’, in Colombia between 2002-2010; the text is profound, courageous and painful, expressing the sorrow and anger of that time. The last piece, ‘Despedida’, started as an improvisation exercise and developed into a piece that combines sounds and words to create a sense of nostalgia.

Pavana lanzada a la brisa (2021)
Composer: Diana Ortiz (Colombia, 1993-) Instrumentation: Voice, track, and loop
I give you back (1993)
Composer: Annea Lockwood Instrumentation: Solo voice
6402 (2021)
Composer: Paula Sofía Contreras (Colombia, 1996-) Instrumentation: Voice and track
Composer: Natalia Merlano Gómez (Colombia, 1987-) Instrumentation: Voice and effects pedal