NeoQuartet by Michal Algebra
NeoQuartet by Michal Algebra


Showcase C:N 2022
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A completely new look at a string quartet – imagination, creativity, technology, vision of the future – String Theory is a unique project by NeoQuartet string quartet based in Gdansk, Poland.

Four skilful musicians specialising in the performance of new music explore the uncharted world of the electric string quartet.

Through advanced technology, multifarious synthesized sounds of the string quartet can be experienced, enriched by live electronics, multi effects and loop stations.

The String Theory project is a musical constitution of NeoQuartet: their first album with their own music. A musical story leading through contemporary classics, jazz, minimal, rock, fusion, trance and techno - worlds that have always inspired them. Cosmic sounds of electric instruments, ambient spaces, compositions that create a coherent dramatic concept; all this takes the listener into an unreal world, giving a completely new perspective of looking at reality.

Inevitable path
Protocol XSPT
Neo Voyager

Composed by NeoQuartet
Visualizations: Radoslaw Deruba

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