Nordic Meet Up

Gender balance in music

Camilla Wagner. Photo by Micke Lundström
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Coordinated by Camilla Wagner (Sweden), ceo, Klara K

with Juliana Hodkinson (Sweden), chair, DKF - Danish Composers' Society
Kaja Bjørntved (Norway), composer, NKF
Rosanna Gunnarsson (Sweden), composer, FST

Talent is distributed evenly, opportunities are not. Join the Nordics in an inclusive and open talk on how to tear down gender barriers. We lose talent every day but this can change. Hear about the Nordic experience and meet female composers and game changers from the composer societies. Make new connections with people from Keychange and the Nordic export offices. Let’s challenge ourselves and grow in understanding together. This is not a seminar, nor a panel. This is meet up where your voice matters and where you can share, connect and take new paths.

We will run an open format where everyone can take part. Get inspired and share your best practices. The session will be led by activist and gender balance expert Camilla Wagner. The meet-up is hosted by Swedish & Norwegian Society of Composers in collaboration with Keychange and will be followed by a reception.