North America Meet up

Collaborating for a brighter future!

Claudine Cinq-Mars. Photo by Maxime Côté
Michael Linville. Photo by Julisa Fusté
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Claudine Cinq-Mars. Photo by Maxime Côté. And Michael Linville. Photo by Julisa Fusté


Coordinated by Claudine Cinq-Mars (Canada), music touring coordinator, Conseil québécois de la musique;

and Michael Linville (USA), dean of chamber music & fellow development, New World Symphony

Canada and the USA are two of the largest countries in the world. Though neighbouring countries, they are very different in how their arts sector works. So what is the place of classical music there? Among the challenges of geographical distance, audience development and grooming the next generation of musicians, we understand the future lies in collaboration. We will talk about some of the best practices we have experienced and open the space for you to share new initiatives we can all learn from.

We invite all delegates from North America and other countries, or simply curious people to come and share their experiences and ideas.

Many of the new approaches that could lead to a healthy future of the arts will come from alliances, networks and collaboration so let's meet and connect!