Open Art

How co-creatorship can shape new accesses of classical music

Hanni Liang. Photo by Felix Broede
Carsten Winter. Photo by Helge Krückeberg
Sina-Mareike Schulte. Photo by Matthias Schrader
Hanni Liang. Photo by Felix Broede. And Carsten Winter. Photo by Helge Krückeberg


Chaired by Hanni Liang (Germany), pianist, innovator & artrepreneur;
and Prof. Dr. Carsten Winter (Germany), professor, University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover

with Alexander Schories (Germany), director, School for Music and Arts Garbsen;
Sina-Mareike Schulte (Germany), deputy head, Musikland Niedersachsen

The global pandemic has brought new questions and fields of discussion to the arts. It has shown that art and culture have to actively work on their legitimation and sustainability in society, as less people identify with art and culture and are thus less able to create shared value with them.

How can more people participate intelligently, inclusively and sustainably in cultural processes and how can participation create a significant value for art and culture in society? This session picks up on exactly this point, by involving (young) people outside the music industry in the discourse, initiation and co-creation of art.

With an exemplary showcase organised and developed by young people from Hannover, followed by a discussion with Sina Mareike Schulte, Dr. phil. habil Carsten Winter, Hanni Liang and Alexander Schories, the co-creator of the concert and the community, we want to create opportunities for an expanded, future-oriented collaborative cultural life.