Orchestras for the Earth

Net zero and beyond

John Warner. Photo by Orchestra for the Earth
Lea Brückner. Photo by Johannes Lunenburg
Ulrich Haider. Photo by Fabian Wildgrube


Session 12

Chaired by John Warner (UK), founder & artistic director, Orchestra for the Earth

with Ulrich Haider (Germany), associate principal horn, Munich Philharmonic, Orchester des Wandels Deutschland;
Lea Brückner (Czech Republic/Germany), violinist

We all have a duty to slash our environmental impact: how can orchestras turn this duty into an opportunity? At a time of funding cuts and lockdowns, survival will depend on using this period of radical change to improve and enrich our music-making, not restrict it. Touring by land, for example, can massively diversify the venues and communities we reach, breaking away from the airport circuit of major cities. Infusing our programmes with themes of nature can also be a powerful way to connect with an increasingly climate-minded public, particularly the young. It is also an opportunity to redouble efforts to improve diversity in classical music and environmentalism, both areas where ethnic minorities are under-represented. Giving examples including his own work with Orchestra for the Earth, conductor John Warner will chair a discussion of how orchestras can embrace the green revolution.