Piano Phase Project


Piano Phase Project by Mindaugas Mikul
Piano Phase Project by Simonas Lukosevi
Piano Phase Project by Mindaugas Mikul
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Meet Piano Phase Project – a collaborative piano duo bringing unique performing experiences to contemporary venues around the world. Created by pianists Anna Szalucka and Monika Masanausakaite, it aims to look beyond classical music traditions and encourage other classical musicians to think outside the box. The ultimate goal of Piano Phase Project is to create musical installations in creative settings, with two pianists giving the audience an insight into a new format of classical music concerts. The avant-garde presentation of the music allows listeners to move freely in the space or stay at home, experience a digital performance and hear the sounds through musicians' ears. Piano Phase Project collaborates with dancers, visual artists, activists, podcasters and other media as both pianists spread the message, talk and run workshops about issues important to them: inclusivity, sustainability, perception of music, education of children and adults alike, as well as artists' lives.

S. Reich - Piano Phase 

Supported by Makiko Kitama, Dianne D MacDonald, Jemma Balmer, Bruce Deveraux, William Upham, William Upham, Neringa Valuntonytė, Robertas Lozinskis.