Public Performance Income

How to make sure you get paid for your radio play!

Ben Hogwood
Matthew Trusler. Photo by Sheila Rock
Antony Smith. Photo by Nimbus Records
Ben Hogwood. Matthew Trusler. Photo by Sheila Rock. And Antony Smith. Photo by Nimbus Records


Session 10

Chaired by Ben Hogwood (UK), group manager, ppi & neighbouring rights, Naxos Music Group

with Matthew Trusler (UK), director, Orchid Classics;
Antony Smith (UK), business director, Nimbus Records

This session will highlight the importance of Public Performance Income (PPI) to all record labels and recording rights holders. We will explore where this income comes from, why it is so important and how to improve it. We will also examine the importance of accurate metadata in everything we do. Practical examples will be explored with the help of carefully chosen record label and artist panellists.

At all times the importance of the music itself will be stressed and we will also show how even the smallest of recordings can earn good PPI if the conditions are right!