Serving deprived neighbourhoods

How do we reach and revitalise?

Paul MacAlindin
Vania Abello Olaya. Photo by Juliana Restrepo
María Claudia Parias Durán
Juan Andrés Rojas Castillo
Photo of Vania Abello Olaya by Juliana Restrepo

Chaired by Paul MacAlindin (UK), founder & artistic director, The Glasgow Barons
with Vania Abello Olaya (Colombia), general director, Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín;
Maria Claudia Parias Durán (Colombia), executive director, Fundación Nacional Batuta;
Juan Andrés Rojas Castillo (Colombia), executive director Filarmónica Joven de Colombia, Fundación Bolívar Davivienda;

Making a real difference to people’s lives in deprived neighbourhoods takes trust, building meaningful collaborations with vulnerable people and sustained effort over time. COVID has widened the poverty gap, changed our tools and further fractured our communities, making it harder for us to reach each other. Glasgow and Colombia are at once radically different and profoundly similar in their challenges. Looking at now and the future, Paul MacAlindin shows practical and strategic steps for professionals working, or who want to work on the neighbourhood level, whilst María Claudia Parias Durán, Juan Andrés Rojas Castillo and Vania Abello Olaya examine working on the regional and national level. This session helps develop your choices and tools to make the difference you seek to achieve wherever you are.

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