Seth Parker Woods


Seth Parker Woods by James Napoli
Seth Parker Woods by Jenna Poppe
Seth Parker Woods by James Napoli
Seth Parker Woods by Michael Yu


Showcase C:N 2022
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Difficult Grace

Evocative, theatrical and genre-bending, Difficult Grace is a multimedia concert tour de force conceived by and featuring cellist Seth Parker Woods in the triple role of cellist, narrator/guide and movement artist, performing music written for and with Seth by Freida Abtan, Monty Adkins, Fredrick Gifford, Michael Gordon, Nathalie Joachim and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay.

Heightened by film, spoken texts, dance and visual artwork by Jacob Lawrence, Barbara Earl Thomas, Zoƫ McLean and Freida Abtan, Difficult Grace creates a vivid sonic and visual canvas that draws its inspiration from the Great Migration, archive research in the year 1915 of the historic newspaper The Chicago Defender, immigration and the poetry of Amiri Baraka and Dudley Randall.

Fredrick Gifford - Difficult Grace, for speaking cellist and electronics
Monty Adkins - Winter Tendrils, for cello and electronics
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - asinglewordisnotenough 3 [invariant] for cello and interactive electronics

Supported by Pirastro GmBH - Pirastro Artist