Spotlight: Interactive Performance Formats

Innovations, best practices and trends

Michael Maul by Gert Mothes
Fahad Siadat by Joy Strotz
Marcus Carline by Kyrstin Ohta
Molly Pease by Sera Lindsey
David Saldaña
Spotlight: Interactive Performance Formats All Speakers

Getting viewers or fellow musicians involved in performances can highly increase engagement. But how to achieve this in online performances? This session presents two best practice examples in contrasting styles, approach and musical eras. They both share outstanding innovation in involving the audience to contribute artistically, in real-time. Each presentation will list out the why, how, impact and learning points, then small group discussions let you, the participants, compare notes with each other.

BACH - We are FAMILY goes online
How a real festival (idea) survived in the virtual world

Presented by Michael Maul (Germany), intendant & artistic director, Bachfest Leipzig & Bach-Archiv Leipzig

With breathtaking speed, Bachfest managed to organise two remarkable gatherings of the global Bach community in the virtual world: An Easter performance of St. John Passion with a trio of musicians next to Bach's grave in St. Thomas Church and thousands of choristers across the world; follwed by Bach's Mass in B minor, also uniting Bach choirs and lovers from many countries. In this presentation, Michael shares his thoughts about chances and borders of musical projects in the virtual world.
In this presentation, Michael shares his thoughts about chances and borders of musical projects in the virtual world.

C3LA's Hybrid Virtual Choir Performances
Exploring remote performance, live electronics and virtual installations

Presented by Fahad Siadat (USA), director, See-A-Dot Music Publishing
with Marcus Carline (USA), production assistant, California State University, Long Beach;
Molly Pease (USA), section leader & music coordinator, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles;
David Saldaña (USA), production manager, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

This session will review and explore C3LA's recent experimentations in creating and organising a hybrid project that combined pre-recorded ‘virtual choir’ like elements, live electronics, visual art, improvised vocals and audience participation to create an astonishing multimedia concert experience. Presenters include David Saldaña and Marcus Carline, who coordinated the technical elements; Molly Pease, a composer and live-performer on the project; and Fahad Siadat, a founding member of C3LA.

This session will be offered twice on the same day, enabling participants from all different time zones to actively participate.