Storytelling in Music

Irresistible concerts and how to design them

Chanda VanderHart by Dina Lee
Bryan Benner by Theresa Pewal
Arlon Luijten by Lenny Oosterwijk
Kate Wyatt
  • event type:C:N Encore I Conference Session
  • date:08 Dec 2020
  • time:14:30 - 15:30
  • venue:Online
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Chaired by Chanda VanderHart (USA/Austria), pianist, musicologist, creative
with Bryan Benner (USA/Austria), troubadour, The Erlkings;
Arlon Luijten (The Netherlands), stage director, researcher, teacher, artistic director, Little Wotan;
Kate Wyatt (UK), creative producer, Royal Opera House and freelance

Storytelling is as old an art form as society itself, and has historically played a major role in classical music — from narratives in vocal music to the work of medieval balladeers to instrumental program music, ballet or even in constructing the overarching narrative of a performance event. This session features five particularly innovative approaches to storytelling in and through classical music: from presenting modern compositions to children by turning the stage into a live, fairytale picture book, to mixing the worlds of circus, acrobatics, fire and concerto in the modern concert hall, to applying interactive-storytelling and urban co-creation in opera, to creating lieder recitals that take place in various locations -- in old Viennese brothels at midnight, or down an English street with the audience physically “moving” from song to song, house to house.