The Art Music Office Party

Closing Drinks Mixer

Opening night at Classical:NEXT 2018 by Eric Van Nieuwland
  • event type:C:N Encore I Meet Up
  • date:10 Dec 2020
  • time:17:30 - 18:30
  • venue:Online
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Coordinated by Classical:NEXT

As we open, so we close – mixing and mingling but this time looking back at some of the bright spots from the past year. While most of us can't indulge in our traditional end-of-year office parties, Classical:NEXT offers you a chance to reconnect with old colleagues and make new ones with a favourite drink in hand (should this session take place in the morning for you, a shot of rum in your coffee is not only allowed, but encouraged!). In this mixer, you’ll have a series of “best of/worst of” 2020 questions to ponder and discuss. Expect many short, pleasant chats with many people while giving 2020 a “thanks, but you can leave now” wave goodbye.