The Digital Concert

The art and business of the online classical music experience

Benjamin Woodroffe. Photo by Raphaëlle Mueller
Geoffrey John Davies
Julia Haferkorn
Benjamin Woodroffe. Photo by Raphaëlle Mueller. Geoffrey John Davies. And Julia Haferkorn


Session 11

Chaired by Benjamin Woodroffe (Australia/Switzerland), president, Global Foundation for the Performing Arts

with Geoffrey John Davies (Australia/USA), founder, ceo & editor-in-chief, The Violin Channel;
Julia Haferkorn (Germany/UK), senior lecturer, Middlesex University

"Nowhere was the the pandemic more spectacular than in the online world, where a digital journey already underway was suddenly exponentially accelerated." Anthony Sargent OBE, COVID-19 and the Global Cultural and Creative Sector, 2021

A hybrid model of live and digital performance is the future reality for classical music. Online concerts can extend far beyond the concert hall and introduce artists and repertoire to new markets. Harnessing technology to tell authentic stories is vital to secure engagement.

This session will bring together an innovative director of digital concert production as well as a leading researcher who has investigated the impact of online concerts in the wake of COVID-19.

Together, we will explore capturing performance specifically for camera, programming and content mix, artistic authenticity and education, building new audiences and more.