The Multi-Story Orchestra & The Endz

Re-thinking what an orchestra can do!

Kate Whitley. Photo by William Marsey
Prince Farron Shodipe


Session 5

Chaired by Kate Whitley (UK), ceo & artistic director, The Multi-Story Orchestra

with Prince Farron Shodipe (UK), young leader, The Multi-Story Orchestra

We are The Multi-Story Orchestra – an orchestra that plays in car parks. Last year some of the teenagers we work with asked us to help them make a piece of music about gang culture, after a friend of theirs was killed in a knife fight.
Together we created a piece that told the story from their perspective. This was a completely new way to make music for The Multi-Story Orchestra, transforming the traditional ways that orchestras create and perform. It also completely changed the orchestra's relationship with the local community and gave the work an incredible sense of purpose.
In this session, The Multi-Story Orchestra founder Kate will introduce Prince and Flame – two of the young people who created The Endz – to talk about this unique way of working. The session will include an interactive discussion with the audience, creating and exploring ideas about what working like this mean for the future of classical music.