They Don't Teach You That at the Conservatoire?

Come build a 21st Century conservatoire

David Bahanovic
  • event type:Classical:NEXT 19 Conference
  • date:16 May 2019
  • time:16:00 - 17:00
  • city/area:Rotterdam
  • venue:Conference Room 3 (Van Rijckevorsel Zaal), de Doelen
  • country:Netherlands
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Session 8

Chaired by David Bahanovich (US/UK), assistant director, Music Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

with Mist Thorkelsdottir (Iceland/California), head of international programs for the performing arts, University of Southern California

Abra Bush (US), senior associate dean of institute studies, The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University

Stefan Gies (Germany/Belgium), CEO, Assocation of European Conservatoires (AEC)

Musicians have always had to hustle, but there’s never been a time when it mattered more than today, as dwindling institutional support makes a performing career a risky proposition and countless opportunities for innovation are seized primarily by those with the means to exploit them. Conservatoires have historically been good at teaching people how to play and poor at teaching them how to thrive in the industry’s ever-changing landscape. Join us as we engage in a small group workshop and together craft a scaffold of a 21st century curriculum. Are the skill sets of 18th and 19th century musicians more relevant to the 21st century musician (do we need to go back in order to go forward)? Can we better engage the industry? Should conservatoires be centres of R&D? Can we train Artist Citizens? Can conservatoires shed their narrow definition of success? And can the conservatoire become an agent of change?