Tuning in to Curious Listeners

What can classical music promoters learn from 'generation stream'?

Natalia Franklin Pierce. Photo by Dmitri Djuric
Shane Burmania. Photo by Mark Bolk
Sean Hickey


Session 8

Chaired by Natalia Franklin Pierce (UK), executive director, Nonclassical

with Shane Burmania (Ireland/The Netherlands), music programmer, Muziekgebouw/Korzo/Wonderfeel;
Sean Hickey (USA), managing director, Pentatone Music

Streaming services have led to a culture where listening uninterrupted to an album from start to finish has gone, in favour of the playlist or 'radio' listening. This has had an interesting side-effect: with genre silos and the confines of a collection removed, the potential for the discovery of classical music thanks to algorithms and curated playlists opens up.

What can we learn from this as promoters of classical music? Do we need to move away from our traditional genre labels and use more descriptive terms for our art? How can we (re)present classical music in a way that naturally fits into the cultural perspective of generation 'stream'?