When Orchestras Meet Technology

How Newzik can optimise orchestras' productivity with digital?

Aurelia Azoulay
  • event type:Classical:NEXT 17 off C:N Presentation
  • date:19 May 2017
  • time:14:15 - 15:15 CEST
  • city/area:Rotterdam
  • venue:De Doelen, Conference Room 3 (fourth floor)
  • country:Netherlands
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Presented by Aurelia Azoulay (France/Israel) head of development, Newzik

Orchestras will gain enormously by embracing the tech era. Switching from paper to digital scores will save them time and resources by reducing wasteful printing, copying and annotating.

It is now the time for orchestras to join the digital revolution. This inevitable transition has to be led carefully, taking into account each orchestra's specific needs. That is what Newzik is here for.

Newzik is a digital sheet music reader tailored to meet the unique needs of professional orchestras. Newzik's integration of score organisation features makes it an essential tool for librarians and management teams.

Using innovative technologies, the software empowers musicians with hands-free page turning, easy-to-use digital annotations and real-time score sharing. Newzik lets orchestras put their energy where it should be: in the music.