Women* in Music Meet Up

Pop meets classic

Alice Moser. Photo by China Hopson
Theresa Charif. Photo by China Hopsen & Laura Schepers
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Jovanka v. Wilsdorf. Photo by Olga Blackbird
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Coordinated by Theresa Charif (Germany), eventmanager, Women* in Music Hannover
and Alice Moser (Germany), coordinator UNESCO City of Music Hannover, City of Hannover, Cultural Office

with Jovanka v. Wilsdorf (Germany), composer & board member, Music Women* Germany

How can we bring the various areas of music together? How can we collaborate and connect beyond borders and limitations of genres? And how can we learn from each other?

We want to find opportunities and possibilities to connect pop and classic and the women* working in these areas, those two important sections in the music industry. For this Meet Up we will invite three women from different networks and genres to speak on a panel where we explore and look at examples and best practices models.