Zubin Kanga



‘Cyborg Pianist’ Zubin Kanga presents this programme of groundbreaking new piano and multimedia works, a small sample of the dozens of works he’s commissioned by composers across the UK, Australia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Canada that expand the possibilities of a piano recital using live electronics, film, motion sensors, Virtual Reality, electro-magnets, analogue synthesisers and AI.
Leading German composer, Alexander Schubert explores the nature of internet culture in WIKI-PIANO.NET, using a website that allows the online community to compose a new version of the work for every performance.
Zubin Kanga’s own Transformations combines a piano with an analogue synthesiser, building electronic loops into massive tapestries of sound.
Canadian composer Nicole Lizée’s uses loops of key scenes of classic films to create an obsessive homage to Martin Scorsese. From the black humour of Goodfellas to the manic energy of The Wolf of Wall Street, Lizée delves into Scorsese’s unique style, full of dynamism, symbolism, intensity and violence.