Alexander Vipach

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    senior software developer
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Alexander Vipach was born in 1977 in Berlin, Germany. After graduation he engaged in the election campaign of the German Green Party, and then studied computer science with a main focus on computer graphics and computer science and society. Within his diploma thesis he developed an interactive, vector-based graphics map of Berlin. He first joined WOMEX during his studies and developed the Piranha Online Music Shop and WOMEX online registration. He became fulltime in March, 2005, responsible for web and software development for both WOMEX and Piranha, like virtualWOMEX, WOMEX online registration, the Piranha Shop and Piranha Music Scout. He lived a few months in Florida, USA, and later a month in Thailand, but speaks only German fluently, as well as a funny English dialect, a combination of English and German, called "Denglish".

Alexander Vipach

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