5 Reasons Why Young Artists and Music Students Should Attend WOMEX


As a young folk music student in Sibelius-Academy, I attended my first WOMEX in 2015. I was making my debut in the international music scene, and the help from my university and the WOMEX Academy was invaluable. It not only helped me get prepared for meetings but also shared tips and insights on how to approach new networks and connections and helped me access to some of the top music industry professionals on my first WOMEX.

But as a student or young artist starting a career, I understand it can be a significant monetary investment to participate at WOMEX. If you are figuring out whether it is a good idea to put that much time and money to attend WOMEX, here are my five reasons why I believe it is worth it!

1. Learning
It was an eye-opening experience to learn and watch how other artists and industry people communicated and built their network. There is only so much you can learn in school or courses about music promotion, networking etc.

2. Investment for your career
For me, WOMEX has been an invaluable investment. I have built a vast network globally, got booked for gigs and even signed a record deal, thanks to the connections I made at WOMEX! But meeting new people, networking and promotion demand time. If you decide to participate WOMEX, decide to come twice!

3. Inspiration
One of my most meaningful opportunities to participate at WOMEX is to meet other independent and successful artists and hear new music. Every time I have visited, I’ve had some jaw-dropping moments listening to showcases.

4. Networking
If there’s a place to start building your network, it is WOMEX! Networking is SO vital in the music business to make a long-lasting career. Check out my Vlog episode for some tips about networking!

5. Getting feedback
When networking and promoting your music, you get inspiring ideas and beneficial feedback from the music professionals. This has been invaluable to me. Each time I have got back home with a head full of new ideas on how to develop my career!

This article was written by Jussi Pekka Piirainen aka JP

article posted by:Gaurav Narula, Piranha Arts